what is the meaning of history?

THINGS TO COME: rapture, judgment, & restoration

Theme: When Jesus comes again, believers will be judged and then enjoy eternity with God in Heaven. Unbelievers will be judged and then spend eternity in hell. God will make all things new and restore the universe to good.


  • Complete workbook "Things to Come" using Chapter 10 from "Know What You Believe"

  • Bring what you've written so far in your essay.

  • Lecture "Covenant and Kingdom".

  • Share and discuss essay highlights and challenges.

  • Review essay requirements.


Pick a partner and:

  • Discuss the challenges and successes in writing the essay.

  • Share a sentence or two that you felt captured your beliefs well.

Starting Points UNIT ONE Outline
My Personal World View

For Next week:

  • Due Essay 1: "My Personal Worldview"

  • Bring the book to class "The Magician's Nephew"