what is god like?

god the father: all-powerful creator & holy judge


  • Read Chapter 2 from KNOW WHAT YOU BELIEVE and complete workbook questions.

What we believe about God influences our actions, attitudes and view of the world.

  • Watch "GOD Is" video by John Piper and complete handout

  • Discuss Week 4, GOD, workbook questions

  • Go over requirements for ESSAY 1

Is God real?

CLUE 1: CONTINGENCY- Why is there something rather than nothing?

  • Anything that exists is contingent upon something else.

  • You can't have an endless series of contingent things.

  • An infinite regression is impossible.

  • Logic demands there must be a source or a first non-contingent thing for all contingent objects and events to exist.

  • The source must be a necessary being.

  • By definition, the necessary being must be self-existent, uncaused, and eternal.

CLUE 2: CAUSATION- What is the first cause that started all the other causes?

  • The kalam cosmological argument:

    1. Whatever begins to exist has a cause.

    2. The universe began to exist.

    3. Therefore, the universe has a cause.

CLUE 3: CHARACTER- Why do we have a moral obligation?

  • Why do we feel an obligation to do right, even when we don't?

  • Why do we have a conscience? And where does it come from?

My Personal World View

for next week:

1. ASAP go take the Class Reflection Survey.

2. Read Chapter 3-4 from KNOW WHAT YOU BELIEVE and complete workbook questions.

(This week you read two chapters, not one, so budget your time accordingly.)