what is the nature of man?

the consequence of Sin: separation & eternal death


  • Read Chapter 5, "People and Sin" from KNOW WHAT YOU BELIEVE and complete workbook questions.

  • Watch and discuss the Monkey King's Request

  • Complete "The 1st Adam vs The Last Adam"

  • Discuss Chapter 5 from KNOW WHAT YOU BELIEVE

Each of us is a personality created by God in his own image. We have the ability to sin, and we have the ability to accept God’s grace.

the monkey king's quest

The Monkey King in the Jungle Book wants Mowgli to give him the secret to make fire so he can be like man. What is flawed in his assumption? In a similar fashion, how does man wrongly attempt to be like God?

For Further Study:

for next week:

1. ASAP go take the Class Reflection Survey.

2. Complete WEEK 7 course work Chapter 7 from Know What You Believe, and complete workbook questions.