The horse and his boy


  • Read "The Horse and His Boy" and answer the questions in the Starting Points workbook.

  • Watch animated video

  • Discuss "The Horse and His Boy"

  • Watch "The Life of Aslan" (first 4 minutes)

  • Review Essay 2 Requirements

A former Starting Points student, Sydney, made this awesome trailer video for "A Horse and His Boy."

Class Discussion

Describe the following events in "The Horse and His Boy"

  • Shasta meets the cat...

  • The Lion attacks the horses...

  • Shasta meets "the thing"...what do you learn about Aslan?

  • How does Shasta respond to Aslan?

  • In the chapter How Bree Became a Wiser Horse....describe the conversation about Aslan...

  • What do you learn about Aslan and the circumstances in the history of Narnia?

Hebrews 13:2 ...some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.

Describe the Biblical world view of God's involvement in the circumstances in the world in which we live?

In what way is Aslan's involvement in the circumstances of Narnia similar to or different from the Biblical view of God's involvement?

Homework for next week:

Complete ESSAY 2: The World of Narnia