frankenstein part 3


  • Read Frankenstein, Chapters 17- 24 (finish the book) and complete the Starting Points workbook..

Frankenstein's Dilemma

  • Chapter 17: A Monster's Request

  • Chapter 18: Travels with a Friend

  • Chapter 19: Scottish Monster 2.0

  • Chapter 20: Lost in the Atlantic

  • Chapter 21: Prison Sickness

  • Chapter 22: Rescued and a Wedding

  • Chapter 23: Wedding Night Blues

  • Chapter 24: The Chase is On

Was Mary Shelley presenting the Biblical worldview through her book Frankenstein or was she expressing a different view of God and the nature of mankind?

Requirements for Essay THREE "Comparing Shelley and Stevenson's View of the Nature of Man"

I. Introduction: A statement of the problem

Was Shelley's "Creature" or Stevenson's "Jekyll/Hyde" most accurately presenting the Biblical worldview of the nature of man?

II. Body of the Essay:

  • A: Shelley's representation of the nature of man.

  • B: Stevenson's representation of the nature of man.

  • C: The Biblical view of the nature of man.

  • D: Compare and contrast the "Creature" and "Jekyll/Hyde"

III. Conclusion: Restate the problem from the opening paragraph and state your answer.


  • Support your analysis with short quotes from the books and Scripture.

  • Include a cover page with your name, date and Title for your essay.

  • Format the essay with 12 pt Arial font, double-space, and 1.0 margins