Frankenstein vs hyde


  • DUE: Essay Three: "Comparing Shelly's and Stevenson's Worldview on the Nature of Man"

  • Intro "A Hidden Life" movie assignment

  • Preview UNIT 3: Defending & Communicating the Biblical Worldview

What is the nature of man? Do you believe the monster of Frankenstein or Mr. Hyde best represents a Christian worldview of the nature of man?


This book is a modern day "Jekyll and Hyde" suspense-style novel. Read this and write a book report comparing and contrasting it to Stephenson's novel for EXTRA CREDIT.

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The award-winning, best-selling suspense masterwork, now a major motion picture event.

Enter a world where nothing is what it seems. Where your closest friend could be your greatest enemy.

Kevin Parson is alone in his car when his cell phone rings. A man calling himself Slater offers a deadly ultimatum: You have exactly three minutes to confess your sin to the world. Refuse, and the car you're driving will blow sky high. Then the phone goes dead.

Kevin panics. Who would make such a demand? What sin? Yet not sure what else to do, Kevin swerves into a parking lot and runs from his car. Just in case.

Precisely three minutes later, a massive explosion sets his world on a collision course with madness. And that's only the first move in this deadly game.

From the #1 best-selling fiction author comes a powerful story of good, evil, and all that lies between.